Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis Keyword Analysis is THE most important step in your SEO campaign. Get the target keywords wrong and you can lose months of time, money and sales to your competitors. Identify the right keywords and you’ve located the people currently looking for your products and services at the exact moment they are ready to buy!

With background on your current customers, your most successful products and your future business direction, SEO Atlanta works with you to identify search terms your ideal prospects use during exploration, evaluation and purchasing phases of the sales cycle.

To identify, validate and finalize your target keywords, we use multiple keyword discovery techniques to ensure the campaign starts with the best foundation possible.

Specific Keyword Analysis Types

  • High Search Volume Keywords
  • Competitor Keywords
  • Long-tail Keywords
  • Niche Keywords
  • Google Webmaster Keyword Queries

This analysis generally yields 400-800 keywords that we filter through using total search volume, U.S. search volume, competition scores, 12 month search trends, readability context and countless other metrics to finalize our recommended list. We then deliver the full list of keywords along with our recommendations to help you better understand the search environment and how we’ve come to our list. The full list can also be valuable in planning future products and services that are currently being searched for.

You can make changes or revisions to the list at anytime during the keyword analysis and we will advise you on the pros and cons of different list combinations in relation to search volume and ranking difficulty and impact on your SEO strategy.


“SEO Atlanta moved us to the top rankings in 6 major metro areas in less than 30 days. I couldn’t believe how quickly the campaign took hold."


"Website traffic and new leads are doing great since the redesign and SEO campaign. The keywords work paid off.”


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