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seo audits You website looks great. Your marketing message is engaging. Your copy is well written. How do you know your website is healthy when a search engine crawler comes to scan it?

Newly launched and long-running websites run the risk of getting sick. Incorrectly configured CMS systems, images deleted from the server, and links to outside content that have been removed are all naturally occurring issues that can negatively impact your SEO rankings.

At SEO Atlanta we complete SEO audits of your website monthly to ensure it’s in top form, and when we find something, we can resolve it quickly with our team of expert web designers and developers. All of our SEO packages include technical and optimization audits of your entire website.

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Monthly SEO Audit Tasks

  • 404 Issues
  • Broken Image Links
  • Broken Anchor Links
  • Server Issues
  • Page Access Issues
  • Slow Page Response Times
  • Missing or Duplicate Page Titles
  • Missing or Duplicate Descriptions
  • Outgoing Link Counts
  • Search Engine Friendly URL Structures
  • Redirects & Refreshes
  • XML Sitemap Issues


Whether your website is HTML, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Woocommerce, Cubecart or Custom designed we have the capabilities to run an SEO audit, troubleshoot and resolve any issues that keep you from ranking at the top of the page.

“I hired SEO Atlanta for optimization. Their audits determined my website was a mess. Broken links, missing images, incorrect configurations in WordPress. They fixed it all!”


"Our campaign performance is more than I could hope for in such a short amount of time. The competition doesn’t know what hit them!"


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